Be Known Franchising


Franchise Broker

Sarah Bowlin

As a franchise broker I find great people and inspire them to dream big. Then I help them pursue the life of their dreams by matching them with good franchises. It starts with a conversation and along the way we uncover values and personal aspirations that help match you to a well-fit franchise.

I firmly believe everyone should be able to answer the question, "What do you want to BE KNOWN for?" I've listed a few of my answers. In no particular order...

Entrepreneur. Author. Business Owner. Christian. Coach. Achiever. Winner. Boss. Joy-Spreader. Cheerleader. Promoter. Competitor. Wife. Mom. Teacher. Captain. Traveler. Friend. Success.

While my roles are diverse, my passion for inspiring people is consistent. I started my first business, Mom With A Map, to inspire families to travel. I published a book to inspire children to love travel. I became a franchise broker to inspire people to chase their dreams and pursue a better future. Every day I strive to live up to the words of John Quincy Adams "If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more- you are a leader.”

These days my office is on a boat. Our family is pursuing our dream, traveling around America's Great Loop. My crewmates (ages 13 and 9) are noisy and eat lots of snacks. They may occasionally pop in on a Zoom because they need a bandaid or permission to use the hot dogs for fish bait. It's real life, and I'm definitely the kind of girl who can laugh at the crazy and then get back to work.

I wake up every day knowing how truly blessed I am and I'm excited to help you achieve the same level of happiness and success in your life.